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Iddink Groep

Iddink Groep is among the top providers of educational services and furnishes schools and students with state-of-the-art learning materials in an integrated contemporary school environment.

About us

About Iddink Groep

As strategic partner, we provide a suite of support services to educational organisations in the Netherlands: ranging from the delivery of books and digital learning materials to the full administrative support of student-related matters. Iddink Groep therefore holds a unique position in the education market.

Work at Iddink Groep

The companies of the Iddink Groep have an open corporate culture with a clear focus on personal career development. Keywords are: common sense, independence, flexibility, client-orientation and innovation. All this is characterised by high quality prompt. We consider it very important that employees act on the basis of a strong sense of responsibility.

Social Responsibility

Iddink Groep is making an active contribution to future learning. Iddink is conscious of its unique position and deals with this in a responsible manner. We wish to make learning easier and, to that end, we propose innovative solutions.

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Our vision

The education market is ever more dynamic and complex due to progressive digitalisation and changing requirements. In this context, school organisations are striving for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

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